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We have all heard the saying of “respect is earned, not given” and it is exactly true. You cannot pay for respect. You cannot beg for respect. Respect is earned. It is earned through the way you treat people, conduct business, and present yourself. Respect should be one of your foundational cornerstones.

It is important to begin by respecting your employees and customers. It is important to listen. Listen for what is on their minds. Not only just listen but turn their thoughts into actions. No matter how big or small the suggestion is they will feel respected if you turn their input into action. When you respect your employees or clients, they will respect you.

We all have respect for the people with great manners and incomprehensible work ethics. Does anyone ever respect the manager who is rude to his employees and never takes customer feedback well? Of course not! Look at Chick-fil-a. They have the best customer service and this is due to the fact that the employees truly value their customers and treat them with respect. As a business owner, I want my customers to have the same “Chick-fil-a” experience. It doesn’t matter that they are a fast food restaurant and my company is a commercial real estate lending company. It all comes down to the same principles of treating customers with respect no matter their gender, age, or race.

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