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A company should have good ethics and one valuable ethic is integrity. Integrity is a valuable ethic to actively practice to avoid immoral ethics from eroding the foundations of your organization. The practice of integrity allows us to stand fast to the code of ethics we set before us as business owners or employees. This cornerstone ethic allows for a strong foundation to be built for the stability of good values as a business and to strengthen your very character as a person.

Integrity allows trust to be built. An organization with strong business ethics will create higher productivity and responsibility from employees. Honesty and fairness go hand-in-hand with integrity. These are all so important to incorporate into one’s business to create a valuable relationship with clients.

How can you incorporate integrity into your business? First, be transparent. Be transparent with employees and clients alike. Delivering bad news can be a difficult task, but if you were not transparent in the way you deliver it, it would harm your relationship with the person on the other end. Transparency will allow you to forge good relationships that will further lead to a person understanding that your company has integrity. Lastly, a business may say they have good ethics, but it will mean nothing if they are offering poor quality in products or services.

No business wants to become the next Enron which always is paired when it comes to bad business ethics. Never give in to greed and the desire to grow your business while comprising your business ethics. If you ever have to go against your own code of ethics, then you should know it will lead you down a path that will not end well.

I find integrity to be one of the most valuable virtues in the business environment. If a person or a company does not adhere to a group of values, then what else are they willing to compromise on? As the Chief Operating Officer of Elevated Equities, I have set before me a code of ethics to always follow and never break. I am transparent on what we, as a company, hold ourselves accountable to as a code of ethics is displayed on our website. This allows for us, our investors, and clients to hold us accountable. With integrity being one of the cornerstones of our company, we all set out to show that we have a strong work ethic and hope to provide the best service we can to our customers and investors.

If you do not already, start by creating a list of the code of ethics you wish your company to display and always adhere to. What ethics do you find to be important in the business world?

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